Our Decoration Unit so far...

We have been discussing decoration at CM. 

This unit started in January, so many Christmas decorations were still hanging around the neighbourhood. Some children reported that their houses were decorated inside and out.

Effort was taken to decorate tables for lunch, with beautiful floral arrangements.
We began to talk about other events that families celebrate and decorate for. The most common decorations that were said were banners and balloons. We each made a banner and hung it to display at Creative Minds entrance.
Also at birthday parties, the children spoke of face paint. This lead us to look into face painting around the world. They were especially interested in the tribal face paint from some African cultures. 

After observing many influences from around the world, the children were free to decorate their faces. Some even decorated their arms.

We talked about other things that could decorated your face. Some children said their parents wore glasses, but many didn't think g…

Ice Cream Math

We have many makers of ice cream here at Creative Minds. Many materials are used in this play. Play doh is often used inside and rocks with twigs are most often used when outside.

For math we pasted cones at the bottom of a sheet of paper, and drew a helping line all the way up. The line was to help balance the ice cream scoops on top of each other so they don't fall.

We rolled special coloured dice to tell us what coloured pom pom to use. We talked about the colour and what flavour it could be.

After we filled up our whole page with ice cream scoops, we counted them all.

Stone Soup

We read a few different versions of the classic story, Stone Soup.
We recalled the ingredients that were mentioned in the story and made sure we had them ready. We even found a few more like turnips and beets. We took care to wash the vegetables well.

We each picked a vegetable to peel for the soup.

While the vegetables were being prepared for the soup, we made a Stone Soup craft.

We helped to stir the soup and mix in spices.